Suffering Joyfully

A biblical approach to depression, disquiet, and despair.

About the Speaker : 

Bubba Hines

Bubba is a Christian hacker and veteran with over twelve years of service in military intelligence and cryptography combined with fifteen years of commercial software system design, security, and identity management.  Married to Tracey since 1991, they have two birth daughters, three legally adopted children, and twelve socially adopted kids. They have moved nineteen times, across three different continents, the eastern half of the United States, and have now lived in Lowell, NC since 2007.

Bubba loves working with complex problem spaces, the more complex the better, and solving those problem spaces is what he does. His official job title is “V.P. of Solving Big Problems”. However, he grew up in a church that dissuaded him from asking hard questions of God and applying his analytic skills to Scripture, leading him to conclude that faith was untenable, and ultimately resulting in rebellion against religion.

In 2001, Bubba was introduced to systematic theology and was encouraged to ask his hard questions, he was surprised to discover that God withstood them. He began applying his analytical skills to scripture, and his life has been irrevocably transformed by the continual renewing of his mind. His faith in Jesus Christ is what most shapes him, and his love for solving complex problems is most challenged and encouraged by his study of scripture.

With a gift for telling stories, he very much enjoys teaching, lecturing, preaching, and most other forms of public speaking on topics that range from the latest in technology to proclaiming the message of the Gospel.


The Hope Within Us

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Nov 7th, Saturday
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