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Last Christmas, I put together a small booklet that addressed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it related to six crucial topics that I felt were pertinent to the health of churches, especially in the state of Kerala where I live. This year, I hope to carry on this tradition and bring to you the next edition of Unashamed with six more topics that I believe require our attention. Having been called to work closely with a church plant myself, I am hard pressed to stick to Scripture on all these topics, and pray that the Holy Spirit gives strength, wisdom and courage to endure in this race.

As I mentioned last year, there is no fitter place to begin such a book than with the greatest story ever told, the Gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Out of a desire to be unashamedly and unapologetically biblical, and to not be excessively exhaustive, I’ve limited myself to 6 topics that, I find, warrant our immediate attention. I’ve even limited my thoughts to a page for each topic. Ideally, this would constitute no more than a single day’s read, and if it gets you thinking and searching for more, then I shall rejoice in the knowledge that this book has served its intended purpose. My prayer and simple desire is that God would use this volume of Unashamed to kindle in your hearts a sincere intent and desire to conform to the word of God. Anything that brings about such an outcome is solely owing to the work of Christ, and everything else would announce the shortcomings of a poor author and are best ignored.

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